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Translation / Hotel

Learn arabic (morrocan) - Hotel
Learn arabic (morrocan) - Hotel

English Arabic (Morrocan)
The hotel اوطيل - outeel
Apartment ابارتمون - apartouman
Welcome! مرحبا - mar'h'ba
Do you have a room available? عندك شي بيت خاوي ؟ - andek chi bit khawi?
Is there a bathroom in the room? كأين شي حمام فلبيت؟ - kayn chi hammam b'l'bit?
Would you prefer two single beds? واش كتفضلي جوج ناموسيات ديال شخص واحد؟ - wach katfedli jouj namousiyat d'yal cha'kh'ss wahed?
Do you wish to have a twin room? بغيتي غرفة مزدوجة؟ - b'riti ro'rfa mozdawija?
A room with bathtub - with balcony - with shower غرفة بحمام- بلبالكون- بالدوش - ro'rfa b'hammam-bibalcoun-bidouch
Bed and breakfast غرفة بالفطور - ro'rfa bilaftour
How much is it for a night? بشحال الليلة؟ - b'ch'hal lilla?
I would like to see the room first بشحال تمن الليلة؟ - bich'hal taman lilla?
Yes, of course !معلوم - ma'eloum
Thank you, the room is very nice شكرا, لبيت مزيان - choukran, l'bit mezian
OK, can I reserve for tonight? واخا, واش يمكن ليا نحجز لليوم - wakha, wach momkin liya na'hjiz l'yuma
It's a bit too much for me, thank you غاليا عليا, شكرا - ral'ya aliya, choukran
Could you take care of my luggage, please? ممكن ليك تديلي ليا لباكاج ديالي عافاك؟ - momkin lik tadiliya l'bagag d'yali filbit?
Where is my room, please? فين كأين بيتي عافاك؟ - fin kayen biti afak?
It is on the first floor في الطابق الاول - fi tabak lawal
Is there a lift? كأين السانسور؟ - kayn lasan'sour?
The elevator is on your left السانسور عليسر - sansoun alisser
The elevator is on your right السانسور عليمن - sansour alimen
Where is the laundry room, please? فين كأينة المصبنة؟ - fin kayna l'masbana
It is on the ground floor في الطابق السفلي - fi tabak soufli
Ground floor الطابق السفلي - tabak soufli
Bedroom البيت - l'bit
Dry cleaner's البريسينغ - l'b'risi'n'r
Hair salon صالون الحلاقة - saloun l'hilaka
Car parking space موقف السيارات - mawkif sayarat
Let's meet in the meeting room? نتلاقاو فقاعة لجتماعات؟ - nitlakaw fi ka'at lagtima'at
Meeting room قاعة لجتماعات - ka'at lagtima'at
The swimming pool is heated البيسين سخون - al pissin s'khoun
Swimming pool البيسين - al pissin
Please, wake me up at seven a.m. فيقيني مع السبعة عافاك - fiykini m'a sab'a afak
The key, please الساروت عافاك - assaroutafak
The pass, please الباس عافاك - al pass afak
Are there any messages for me? كأينين شي ميساجات ليا؟ - kaynin chi missagat liya?
Yes, here you are اه, هاهوما - ah, hahoma
No, we didn't receive anything for you اه متوصلتي بوالو - ah, matwasalti b'walou
Where can I get some change? فين نقدر نصرف؟ - fin nakdar n'sarraf?
Please can you give me some change? ممكن تصرفي ليا عافاك؟ - mokin t'sarfi liya afak?
We can make some for you, how much would you like? اه, ممكن, شحال بغيتي تصرفي؟ - ah mokmin, ch'hal b'riti tsarfi?

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