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Translation / Taxi

Learn arabic (morrocan) - Taxi
Learn arabic (morrocan) - Taxi

English Arabic (Morrocan)
Taxi!  ! طاكسي - taksi
Where would you like to go? فين غادي ؟ - finradi?
I'm going to the train station غادي لمحطة - radi lil mahatta
I'm going to the day&night Hotel غادية لفندق ليل و نهار - rad'ya lifondok jour è nwi?
Can you take me to the airport, please? ممكن توصليني للمطار؟ - mokin t'waslini lil matar?
Can you take my luggage? ممكن ليك تاخد لباكاش ديالي ؟ - momkin takhod liya l'bagag afak?
Is it far from here? واش بعيد من هنا؟ - wach b'ed m'n hna?
No it's close لا، قريب - la, k'rib
Yes it's a little bit further away بعيد شوية - b'ed ch'wiya
How much will it be? بشحال؟ - b'ch'hal?
Take me there, please ديني هنا عافاك - dini hna afak
You go right علا ليمن - ela limen
You go left علا ليسر - ela miser
It's straight on نيشان - nichan
It's right here كاين هنا - kayn hna
It's that way هنا - hna
Stop! !سطوب - stop
Take your time خود وقتك - khoud waktak
Can I have a receipt, please? ممكن تعطيني فاكتورة عافاك؟ - momkin ta'etini fatoura afak?

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