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Translation / Bar

Learn breton - Bar
Learn breton - Bar

English Breton
The bar An ostaleri
Would you like to have a drink? Ur banne ’po ?
To drink Evo
Glass Gwerenn
With pleasure Ya, gant plijadur
What would you like? Petra ’po ?
What's on offer? Petra zo da evo
There is water or fruit juices Dour pe chug-frouezh zo
Water Dour
Can you add some ice cubes, please? Gall’ a rit lakaat skornennoù ouzhpenn, mar plij ?
Ice cubes Skornennoù
Chocolate Chokolad
Milk Laezh
Tea Te
Coffee Kafe
With sugar Gant sukr
With cream Gant laezh
Wine Gwin
Beer Bier
A tea please Ur banne te mar plij
A beer please Ur banne bier mar plij
What would you like to drink? Petra ’po d’evo ?
Two teas please! Daou vanne te, mar plij !
Two beers please! Daou vanne bier, mar plij !
Nothing, thanks Mann ebet, mat eo
Cheers! Yec’hed mat !
Can we have the bill please? Ar gont mar plij !
Excuse me, how much do I owe? Pegement e tlean deoc’h mar plij ?
Twenty euros Ugent euro
It's on me Paeañ a ran

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