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Translation / Time tracking

Learn breton - Time tracking
Learn breton - Time tracking

English Breton
When did you get here? Pevare out erruet amañ ?
Today Hiziv
Yesterday Dec’h
Two days ago Daou zevezh zo
How long are you staying for? Pegeit e chomi ?
I'm leaving tomorrow Mont a rin kuit warc’hoazh
I'll be leaving the day after tomorrow Mont a rin kuit an deiz goude warc’hoazh
I'll be leaving in three days Mont a rin kuit a-benn tri devezh
Monday Dilun
Tuesday Dimeurzh
Wednesday Dimerc’her
Thursday Diriaou
Friday Digwener
Saturday Disadorn
Sunday Disul
January Genver
February C’hwevrer
March Meurzh
April Ebrel
May Mae
June Mezheven
July Gouere
August Eost
September Gwengolo
October Here
November Du
December Kerzu
What time are you leaving at? Da bet eur ez i kuit ?
Morning, at eight o'clock Da vintin, da seiz eur
Morning, at a quarter past 8 Diouzh ar beure, da eizh eur ha kard
Morning, at half past 8 Diouzh ar beure, da eizh eur hanter
Morning, at a quarter to nine Diouzh ar beure, da nav eur nemet kard
Evening, at 6pm Da noz, da c’hwec’h eur
I am late Diwezhat emaon

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