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Translation / Parting

Learn breton - Parting
Learn breton - Parting

English Breton
It's late, I have to go! Diwezhat eo ! Dav din mont !
Shall we meet again? Gall’ a rafemp en em welo en-dro?
Yes with pleasure Ya, gant plijadur
This is my address Setu ma chomlec’h
Do you have a phone number? Un niverenn bellgomz ’peus ?
Yes here you go Ya, setu-hi
I had a lovely time Ur pennad amzer plijus am eus tremenet da da heul
Me too, it was a pleasure to meet you Me ivez, ur blijadur e oa ober anaoudegezh ganit
We will see each other soon Ni 'n em welo a-raok pell
I hope so too Fiziañs am eus ivez
Goodbye Kenavo !
See you tomorrow Ken warc’hoazh
Bye! Salut deoc'h !

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