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Translation / Feelings

Learn breton - Feelings
Learn breton - Feelings

English Breton
I really like your country Da vro a blij din kalz
I love you Da garout a ran
I am happy Laouen on
I am sad Trist on
I feel great here Brav eo din amañ
I am cold Anoued meus
I am hot Tomm eo din
It's too big Re vras eo
It's too small Re vihan eo
It's perfect Dispar ema !
Do you want to go out tonight? C’hoant ’peus da sortial fenoz ?
I would like to go out tonight Plijout a rafe din
It is a good idea Ur soñj mat eo
I want to have fun C’hoant ’m eus da ebatal
It is not a good idea N’eo ket ur soñj mat
I don't want to go out tonight Ne’m eus ket c’hoant da sortial fenoz
I want to rest Diskuizo a faot din
Would you like to do some sport? Fellout a ra dit ober sport ?
Yes, I need to relax Ya, ezhomm am eus d’en em zivoustrañ
I play tennis C’hoari a ran tennis
No thanks. I am tired already Ne fell ket din, peuzskuizh emaoñ

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