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Learn catalan - Time tracking
Learn catalan - Time tracking

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When did you get here? Quan has arribat aqui?
Today Avui
Yesterday Ahir
Two days ago Fa dos dies
How long are you staying for? Quan de temps et quedes?
I'm leaving tomorrow M'en vaig demà
I'll be leaving the day after tomorrow M'en vaig demà-passat
I'll be leaving in three days M'en vaig d'aqui tres dies
Monday Dilluns
Tuesday Dimarts
Wednesday Dimecres
Thursday Dijous
Friday Divendres
Saturday Dissabte
Sunday Diumenge
January Gener
February Febrer
March Març
April Abril
May Maig
June Juny
July Juliol
August Agost
September Setembre
October Octubre
November Novembre
December Desembre
What time are you leaving at? A quina hora marxes?
Morning, at eight o'clock Al mati, a les vuit
Morning, at a quarter past 8 Al mati, a un quart de nou
Morning, at half past 8 Al mati, a dos quarts de nou
Morning, at a quarter to nine Al mati, a tres quarts de nou
Evening, at 6pm A la tarda, a les sis
I am late Vaig tard

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