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This tool's aim is to encourage you to speak aloud, in order to familiarise yourself with the language you wish to speak.

By listening to yourself speak, you will speed up your rate of learning spectacularly.

We have added an extra little service to make this tool even more enjoyable, clicking on the words provides you with automatic translations. These translations, when correct, can help you to understand the meaning of words in isolation, but do not in any way claim to provide the overall meaning of a sentence. This service is only the Beta version of a tool that we intend to offer in the near future.

Please note: this service only works with the CHROME browser, which you can download by clicking on the following link: Google Chrome.

Translation / Conversation

Learn croatian - Conversation
Learn croatian - Conversation

English Croatian
Hello. How are you? Dobar dan. Kako ste? - dobar dan. kako ste
Hello. I'm fine, thank you Bok. Hvala, dobro. - bok. hvala, dobro.
Do you speak Croatian? Govoriš li hrvatski? - govorich li engleski
No, I don't speak Croatian Ne, ne govorim hrvatski - ne, ne govorim engleski
Only a little bit Samo malo - samo malo
Where do you come from? Odakle dolazite? - odaklé dolazite
What is your nationality? Kojeg si državljanstva? - koyeg si deurjavlyanstva
I am English Ja sam Engleskinja - ja sam engleskinja
And you, do you live here? Ti živiš ovdje? - ti jivich ovdye
Yes, I live here Da, živim ovdje - da, jivim ovdye
My name is Sarah, what's your name? Zovem se Sara, a ti? - zovem sé sara, a ti
Julian Julien - youlien
What are you doing here? Što radite tu? - chto radité tou
I am on holiday Na odmoru sam - na odmorou sam
We are on holiday Na odmoru smo - na odmorou smo
I am on a business trip Na poslovnom sam putovanju - na poslovnom sam poutovagnou
I work here Radim ovdje - radim ovdye
We work here Radimo ovdje - radimo ovdye
Where are the good places to go out and eat? Gdje se može nešto dobro pojesti? - gdyé sé mojé nechto dobro poyesti
Is there a museum in the neighbourhood? Ima li muzeja u blizini? - ima li mouzeya ou blizini
Where could I get an internet connection? Gdje se mogu uključiti na Internet? - gdyé sé mogou ouklyoutchiti na internet

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