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Translation / Hotel

Learn croatian - Hotel
Learn croatian - Hotel

English Croatian
The hotel Hotel - hotel
Apartment Stan - stan
Welcome! Dobrodošli - dobrodochli
Do you have a room available? Imate li slobodnu sobu? - imaté li slobodnou sobou
Is there a bathroom in the room? Ima li soba kupaonu? - ima li soba koupaonou
Would you prefer two single beds? Želite li rađe dva odvojena kreveta? - jelité li radyé dva odvoyena kreveta
Do you wish to have a twin room? Želite li bračni krevet? - jelité li bratchni krevet
A room with bathtub - with balcony - with shower Soba s kupaonom - s balkonom - s tušom - soba s koupaonom - s balkonom - s touchom
Bed and breakfast Soba s doručkom - soba s doroutchkom
How much is it for a night? Koliko stoji jedno noćenje? - koliko stoyi yedno notchègnè
I would like to see the room first Molim Vas, možete li mi prvo pokazati sobu? - molim vas, mojété li mi prvo pokazati sobou
Yes, of course Da, naravno! - da, naravno
Thank you, the room is very nice Hvala. Soba je vrlo lijepa - hvala. soba yé vrlo liyépa
OK, can I reserve for tonight? U redu je, mogu li rezervirati za večeras? - ou redou ye, mogou li rézervirati za vétchérass
It's a bit too much for me, thank you Hvala, malo je preskupo za mene - hvala, malo yé preskoupo za méné
Could you take care of my luggage, please? Možete li se, Molim Vas, pobrinuti za moju prtljagu? - mojeté li se, molim vas, pobrinouti za moyou prtlyagou
Where is my room, please? Molim Vas, gdje je moja soba? - molim vas, gdyé yé moya soba
It is on the first floor Na prvom katu - na prvom katou
Is there a lift? Ima li hotel dizalo? - ima li hotel dizalo
The elevator is on your left Lift je na lijevoj strani? - lift yé na liyevoy strani?
The elevator is on your right Lift je na desnoj strani? - lift yé na dèsnoy strani?
Where is the laundry room, please? Gdje je praona? - gdyé yé praona
It is on the ground floor U prizemlju - ou prizemlyou
Ground floor Prizemlje - prizemlyé
Bedroom Soba - soba
Dry cleaner's Čistiona - tchistiona
Hair salon Frizer - frizer
Car parking space Parkiralište za osobne automobile - parkiralichté za osobné aoutomobile
Let's meet in the meeting room? Gdje se nalazi sala za sastanke? - gdyé sé nalazi ssala za ssastanké
Meeting room Sala za sastanke - ssala za ssastanké
The swimming pool is heated Grijani bazen - griyani bazènn
Swimming pool Bazen - bazènn
Please, wake me up at seven a.m. Molim Vas, probudite me u sedam sati - molim vas, proboudité mé ou sedam sati
The key, please Molim Vas ključ - molim vas klyoutch
The pass, please Molim Vas karticu - molim vas kartitsou
Are there any messages for me? Ima li poruka za mene? - ima li porouka za mene
Yes, here you are Da, izvolite - da, izvolite
No, we didn't receive anything for you Ne, nema - ne, néma
Where can I get some change? Gdje mogu dobiti sitniš? - gdyé mogou dobiti sitnich
Please can you give me some change? Molim Vas, možete li mi zamijeniti novčanice za sitniš? - molim vas, mojeté li mi zamiyeniti novtchanitsé za sitnich
We can make some for you, how much would you like? Da, za koliko Vam treba? - da, za koliko vam treba

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