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Why use this read-aloud tool?

This tool's only aim is to encourage you to speak aloud, in order to familiarise yourself with the language you wish to speak.
By listening to yourself speak, you will speed up your rate of learning spectacularly.

On the other hand, we do not advise you to use it thinking that it will allow you to acquire perfect pronunciation, only a human teacher can truly help you to achieve this.

We have added an extra little service to make this tool even more enjoyable, clicking on the words provides you with automatic translations along with the sound. These translations, when correct, can help you to understand the meaning of words in isolation, but do not in any way claim to provide the overall meaning of a sentence. This translation service is only the Beta version of a tool that we intend to offer in the near future.

Please note: this service only works with the CHROME browser, which you can download by clicking on the following link: Google Chrome.

Translation / Bar

Learn danish - Bar
Learn danish - Bar

English Danish
The bar Baren
Would you like to have a drink? Må jeg byde på et glas ?
To drink Drikke
Glass Glas
With pleasure Gerne, tak
What would you like? Hvad kunne du tænke dig ?
What's on offer? Hvad er der at vælge imellem ?
There is water or fruit juices Der er vand eller frugtjuice
Water Vand
Can you add some ice cubes, please? Med isterninger, tak !
Ice cubes Isterninger
Chocolate Kakao
Milk Mælk
Tea Te
Coffee Kaffe
With sugar Med sukker
With cream Med fløde
Wine Vin
Beer Øl
A tea please Jeg vil gerne bede om en kop te, tak
A beer please En øl, tak
What would you like to drink? Hvad må jeg byde på ?
Two teas please! To kopper te, tak
Two beers please! To øl, tak
Nothing, thanks Ingenting, tak
Cheers! Skål
Can we have the bill please? Må jeg bede om regningen, tak
Excuse me, how much do I owe? Hvor meget bliver det ?
Twenty euros Tyve euro
It's on me Jeg giver

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