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Translation / Hotel

Learn danish - Hotel
Learn danish - Hotel

English Danish
The hotel Hotellet
Apartment Lejligheden
Welcome! Velkommen !
Do you have a room available? Har I et ledigt værelse?
Is there a bathroom in the room? Er der bad og toilet på værelset ?
Would you prefer two single beds? Vil I have to enkeltsenge?
Do you wish to have a twin room? Vil I have et dobbeltværelse?
A room with bathtub - with balcony - with shower Værelse med karbad - med balkon - med brusebad
Bed and breakfast Værelse med morgenmad
How much is it for a night? Hvad er prisen for en overnatning ?
I would like to see the room first Jeg vil gerne se værelset først, tak
Yes, of course Ja selvfølgelig !
Thank you, the room is very nice Tak, værelset er meget fint
OK, can I reserve for tonight? Kan jeg reservere til i aften ?
It's a bit too much for me, thank you Det er lidt for dyrt for mig
Could you take care of my luggage, please? Kan du tage dig af min bagage, tak ?
Where is my room, please? Hvor er mit værelse?
It is on the first floor Det er på første sal
Is there a lift? Er der en elevator?
The elevator is on your left Elevatoren er til venstre
The elevator is on your right Elevatoren er til højre
Where is the laundry room, please? Hvor er vaskeriet?
It is on the ground floor Det er i stuen
Ground floor I stuen
Bedroom Værelse
Dry cleaner's Renseri
Hair salon Frisørsalon
Car parking space Parkering
Let's meet in the meeting room? Mødes vi i mødelokalet?
Meeting room Møde-lokale
The swimming pool is heated Bassinet er opvarmet
Swimming pool Svømmehallen
Please, wake me up at seven a.m. Kan du vække mig klokken syv ?
The key, please Nøglen, tak
The pass, please Passet, tak
Are there any messages for me? Er der nogen beskeder til mig ?
Yes, here you are Ja, værsågod
No, we didn't receive anything for you Nej, der er ikke kommet nogen.
Where can I get some change? Hvor kan jeg veksle?
Please can you give me some change? Kan du veksle til småpenge?
We can make some for you, how much would you like? Vi kan veksle for dig. Hvad skal du bruge?

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