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Translation / Bar

Learn estonian - Bar
Learn estonian - Bar

English Estonian
The bar Baar
Would you like to have a drink? Soovid sa midagi juua?
To drink Jooma
Glass Klaas
With pleasure Hea meelega!
What would you like? Mida sina võtad?
What's on offer? Mis siin juua on?
There is water or fruit juices Vett vôi mahla
Water Vett
Can you add some ice cubes, please? Kas te saaksite jääd ka sisse panna?
Ice cubes Jääd
Chocolate Kakaod
Milk Piima
Tea Teed
Coffee Kohvi
With sugar Suhkruga
With cream Koorega
Wine Veini
Beer Õlut
A tea please Üks tee, palun
A beer please Üks õlu, palun!
What would you like to drink? Mida te soovite juua?
Two teas please! Kaks teed, palun!
Two beers please! Kaks õlut, palun!
Nothing, thanks Ei midagi, tänan
Cheers! Terviseks!
Can we have the bill please? Arve, palun!
Excuse me, how much do I owe? Palju ma teile võlgnen?
Twenty euros Kakskümmend eurot
It's on me Mina maksan

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