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Translation / Parting

Learn estonian - Parting

English Estonian
It's late, I have to go! On juba hilja! Ma pean minema!
Shall we meet again? Kas me võiksime uuesti kokku saada?
Yes with pleasure Jaa, hea meelega!
This is my address Ma elan sellel aadressil
Do you have a phone number? Kas sul on telefoninumber?
Yes here you go Jaa, siin see on
I had a lovely time Mul oli sinuga tore
Me too, it was a pleasure to meet you Minul samuti. Mul oli hea meel sinuga tutvuda
We will see each other soon Me näeme varsti jälle
I hope so too Ma loodan samuti
Goodbye Nägemiseni!
See you tomorrow Homseni!
Bye! Tšau!

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