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Translation / Taxi

Learn estonian - Taxi
Learn estonian - Taxi

English Estonian
Taxi!  Takso!
Where would you like to go? Kuhu te soovite sôita?
I'm going to the train station Ma lähen raudteejaama
I'm going to the day&night Hotel Ma lähen hotelli Päev ja Öö
Can you take me to the airport, please? Kas te saaksite mind lennujaama viia?
Can you take my luggage? Kas te saaksite mu kohvrid vôtta?
Is it far from here? Kas see on siit kaugel?
No it's close Ei, see on siin lähedal
Yes it's a little bit further away See on kaugemal
How much will it be? Kui palju see maksma läheb?
Take me there, please Palun viige mind siia!
You go right Paremal
You go left Vasakul
It's straight on Otse
It's right here See on siin
It's that way See jääb sinnapoole
Stop! Stopp!
Take your time Aega on
Can I have a receipt, please? Kas te võiksite palun mulle arve teha?

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