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Translation / Transportation

Learn estonian - Transportation
Learn estonian - Transportation

English Estonian
Excuse me! I'm looking for the bus stop Vabandage, kus on bussipeatus?
How much is a ticket to Sun City?  Milline rong läheb Päikeselinna?
Where does this train go, please?  Kuhu see rong läheb?
Does this train stop at Sun City?  Kas see rong peatub Päikeselinnas?
When does the train for Sun City leave?  Millal läheb rong Päikeselinna?
When will this train arrive in Sun City?  Mis kell rong jõuab Päikeselinna?
A ticket for Sun City, please Pilet Päikeselinna, palun!
Do you have the train's time table? Kas teil on rongiajad?
Bus schedule Bussiajad
Excuse me, which train goes to Sun City? Milline rong läheb Päikeselinna?
This one See siin
Thanks Tänan
Don't mention it, have a good trip! Pole tänu väärt. Head reisi!
The garage Autoremonditöökoda
The petrol station Bensiinijaam
A full tank, please Üks paak bensiini, palun!
Bike Ratas
Town centre Keskus
Suburb Äärelinn
It is a city See on suur linn
It is a village See on küla
A mountain Mägi
a lake Järv
The countryside Maa

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