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Translation / Learning

Learn persian - Learning
Learn persian - Learning

English Persian
Do you want to learn a few words? دوست داری یه چند تا لغت یاد بگیری؟ - dust dâri ye cand tâ loqat yâd begiri?
Yes, sure! آره، باشه - âre bâše
What's this called? اسم این چیه؟ - esme in cie?
It's a table یه میزه - ye mize
A table. Do you understand? یه میز، می فهمی؟ - ye miz, mifahmi?
I don't understand نمی فهمم - nemifahmam
Can you repeat please? میشه لطفاً تکرار کنی؟ - miše lotfan tekrâr koni ?
Can you talk a bit more slowly, please ? میشه یه کم آرومتر صحبت کنی؟ - miše ye kam ârumtar sohbat koni lotfan?
Could you write it down, please? میشه بنویسیش لطفا؟ - miše benevisiš lotfan?
I get it فهمیدم - fahmidam

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